Our History

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Twenty-eight Point Loma ladies assembled to organize a local improvement society on Nov. 6, 1911, creating Point Loma Assembly.

May 1913, Mr. Jennings offered to lease four lots to the Assembly for one cent annually provided the Assembly would incorporate and build within one year at a cost not less than $2500. Point Loma Assembly was incorporated on Aug. 30, 1913. The 41 members held the first Assembly meeting in the new building on Sept 21., 1914. The clubhouse soon hosted a variety of functions -- Campfire Girls, Sunday School and Church services, parties, civic meetings, election polls, dancing classes, plays, city library deposit station, and a Christmas party for school children -- as well as the Assembly meetings.

In 1917, the First World War -- the clubhouse was turned into Red Cross work rooms for sewing and knitting. Many dances were given for service men.

Nov 26, 1935: F. S. Jennings Co. generously “sold” Point Loma Assembly, Inc. the land on which its clubhouse rested for a sum total of $5.

December 7, 1941 -- another war. Assembly again became a Red Cross Distribution Center for all of Point Loma.

The next 50 years saw the club grow to over 160 members. Gardening classes, annual flower shows, art exhibitions, music, square dancing, philanthropic work and social times continued.

In 2004, the clubhouse was given an overall upgrade/update with painting, new carpet, window coverings, chairs and kitchen appliances. Its palm tree was sold and replaced with an orchid tree.

Point Loma Assembly's future will require new members with a desire to serve.