Philanthropy Projects

Philanthropy Projects 2023

The projects listed here are for future annual consideration with the recommendation of the Philanthropy Committee. The purpose of describing these projects is to identify the non-profits that we would like to continue to help. The first two came to us through the Community Impact Committee that met in the Spring of this year.

1. Peninsula Shepherds Center- This is a senior resource center for the community of Point Loma for seniors that want to stay engaged with other seniors and need help with transportation. It was originally founded by concerned parishioners of All Soul’s Episcopal Church and supported by representatives of each of the local churches in the area. There is a lunch bunch, computer classes, bingo, fitness classes, chat & fold, excursions, van errands from 9-1 M-F and churches on Sunday. Partially funded by Sandag/TransNet for the van, they depend on private donations and grants for their staffing needs and resources.

2. Cabrillo Elementary and Arts District Liberty Station/NTC- Very special collaboration between Arts District Liberty Station and three underserved elementary schools- Washington, Dewey and Cabrillo. The program addresses different educational inequalities and helps level the playing field for students that face socio-economic challenges. Designed to have no cost to the students, they are exposed to multiple art disciplines that are no longer available in these SDUSD elementary schools.Through these classes, they learn different parts of an arts education such as dance, art, music, writing, quilting, ceramics, woodworking and cooking. There is interest in funding this program for at least 2 more years.

3. Point Loma Summer Concerts- Annual support of their concert series for 3 months to hire musical talent for Friday night concerts throughout the summer. They are an all volunteer committee that works through-out the year to plan each series. They have a board of directors that meets monthly and we offer them meeting space for these meetings. They also raise money through private donations and some grants.

4. Book gifts to Cabrillo Elementary 4th Graders- Over the last several years, several board members have purchased books for 4th graders either at Christmas time or as they graduate from elementary school. The cost of this has been $400 to $700 and is paid by the PL Assembly once the donation is made. Book titles are gender specific and selected by their teacher and always purchased at La Playa Books.

NOTE: Grant deadline for 2024 ios 2/7/24. Susequent years dealine date is March 1st.