President's Message

A Message from Sally A. Bixler, President

February 2024

Keeping it local to some means shopping, eating or recreating on our peninsula but for us it means showcasing original artwork by a local artist that went to local schools and grew up with many of us. This month, our program features the plein air art of Mark Fehlman, who studied and became an accomplished architect only to throw away his T-square and pencils to pursue a career as an artist for the last 20 years. From his robust website, he has selected 14 pieces on display at our Assembly Hall and each one is also for sale. With 50% of the proceeds going to the Point Loma Assembly, these funds will be put back into our community to fund needy programs. Now that is what I call keeping it local full circle. I look forward to seeing you at the Point Loma Assembly “where the community likes to meet”.